I was born in Ismailia, in Egypt. That is also where I grew up and where I first got in contact with dance, specifically Flamenco and Jazz. As a child I saw dancers in the media and they made a incredible impression on me, their body was a tool to directly express some kind of emotions.
I was lucky and my parents allowed me to go to a professional dance school and so I got my first 6 years professional education in traditional egyptian folklore dance.
We had classes in classical russian ballet and a fusion between ballet and egyptian folklore. I also has the great opportunity to work with a very famous dancer and choreographer of folklore, called Mahmoud Reda.
During school I was very motivated to learn a lot and train a lot, because my intention was to become a very good dancer and choreographer in order to be able to express my own truth. Although folklore and ballet turned out to be very strict in choreography and quite limited in improvisation and expression, I finished my eductaion and started searching for ways of dancing that fit more my inner picture (idea) of dance.
After finishing school I worked as a professional folklore dancer in private and state companies. Although I was a very good dancer and I did never have any problems with colleagues, I could never stay very long with one company. My inner desire was always to learn a lot and search for a new way of dance, more free, with improvisation and an authentic expression.
There were moments, f.e., were I was very sad, but still had to put on a smile for the audience, just like an actor would do. But in my contemplation, I realized that my body movements and little details always attempted to put out the truth that was inside of me. So why put on a mask instead of showing the truth?
I came to Europe (Vienna) in 2007 where I was confronted with a totally different culture where the arts seemed much more free and there seemed to be much more possibilities. The first two years I worked as a folklore and oriental dancer and teacher. As I already reached a very high level of folklore dance in Egypt and I did work as a professional dancer, I did not see a possibility to realize my inner wish of free and authentic expression in the oriental direction. But then I heard about contemporary art and dance which seemed to be exactly what I wanted to do my whole life.
So, 2009, I began to study at the Konservatorium in Vienna, Contemporary Dance & Dance Pedagogics. During my studies I got to know a lot of different dance styles and was able realize a lot of projects. Working together with people from different backgrounds and cultures has really inspired me a lot. I tried to learn from my teachers as much as I could.
Soon I was on the way of finding my own style of dance, first publicly shown in „Stock auf Stein“ with which I participated 2011 in the Fidelio Competition.
In the end of my studies I founded the Labib Company and we played our first piece called „El Zhod“.
I graduated in the end of 2013 at the Konservatorium in Vienna and I do a lot of solo works, interdisciplinary projects and continue the work with my company.