Community Dance

Sayed Labib is working for Tanz die Toleranz (Caritas Vienna) since January 2013 and was able to realize already a lot of projects: (->click on the arrow)
  Tanz die Toleranz Projects: 
Working as a Choreographer at a projects of Caritas Vienna for children and youth in Ukraine, Ukraine, August 2013
Choreographer and Dance Teacher in a Project for kids and youth with “Tanz die Toleranz” Caritas, Vienna, October 2013
Choreographer and Dance Paedagogigcs for “Dance for men”, a community, integration dance project by Caritas and Tanz die Toleranz (, Wiener Neustadt, November 2013
Working at the project “Tanz die Toleranz und die Wiener Sängerknaben” in MuTh Theater ( ), Vienna 2014
Given 3 Workshops (“Saturdance”) in “Brunnenpassage” for “Tanz die Toleranz”, Vienna 2013/2014
Directing and giving a Workshop in “Festspielhaus St. Pölten” for “Atelier für Alle” (   St. Pölten 2014 
 Choreographer and dance teacher for the Community Dance Project “Youth class” from “Tanz die Toleranz”, Vienna with public performance, December 2014
Invited to work as a Choreographer for the community dance project „Carmen tanzt“  that will be performed at the “Musikfestspiele Dresden 2015”, April/May 2015